Chris Barrows
Storm Tracker

Chris Barrows is a Storm Tracker with Texas Weather Tracker TV.  Chris was born in Arlington, Texas and has had a passion for weather and especially storm chasing ever since the infamous March 28th, 2000 tornado outbreak that struck the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
Chris has chased big outbreaks such as the April 2012 outbreak in Northern Oklahoma/Southern Kansas and the most recent one being the May 20th outbreak.
Chris is also the founder of North Texas Storm Team and has knowledge in basic forecasting and has been studying weather for over 10 years now.
Chris also is CPR certified and can provide basic first aid to those who are hurt in the field.
Chris is happily engaged to his wonderful fiance Mandi and currently resides in Burkburnett, Texas, a suburb of the Wichita Falls area.
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