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When Aaron is out chasing you can also view her raw storm chasing feed below. 

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Aaron Spencer, Storm Tracker

Aaron Spencer is a experienced storm chaser.  He grew up in Central Oklahoma living through all of the crazy weather Oklahoma has to offer first hand.  Aaron says he discovered his love of storm chasing early on and became a storm chaser while still in high school.  Aaron worked with William at Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV and quickly developed his on air reporting skills to go along with his storm tracking skills.  He was able to take his chasing to next level - live on TV.  Aaron has teamed up with William again this time in North Texas with Texas Weather Tracker TV.  Aaron says he is excited to cover North Texas weather and broadcast live severe weather reports and of course catch live tornadoes on air.  William says "anyone can be a storm chaser but to chase storm and to report live on air - it's not as easy as it looks.  Aaron was always my best in Oklahoma and I am excited to have him now in North Texas.  If there's a tornado around Aaron will catch it live." Aaron works in law enforcement and also is a volunteer fire fighter. 
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