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Bryan Melland is a Storm Tracker with Texas Weather Tracker TV.  Bryan says growing up in Eau Claire Wisconsin as a child he remembers his first severe weather experience - a "Derecho" severe storm on July 15, 1980.  In 1994 Bryan saw his first tornado in Northfield Minnesota and he said he was hooked on chasing severe weather.   Bryans chase vehicle is fully equipped with Barron and Gibson Ridge radar software along with GPS.  He is also licenced by the FCC as a HAM radio operator.  Bryan currently resides in the greater DFW area.   
Texas Weather Tracker TV is proud to be an official Veteran Owned Business.
Texas Weather Tracker TV is a certified "Weather Ambassador" from the National Weather Service.
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Bryan Melland, Storm Tracker

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When Bryan is out chasing you can also view his raw storm chasing feed below. 

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