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Copelon Wright, Meteorologist & Sunday Evening Host

Copelon Wright is a Meteorologist with Texas Weather Tracker TV. He's the host of Texas Weather Live Sunday.  Copelon was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. He understands the importance of keeping viewers safe and updating them on what they can expect in the coming days. Since he grew up in the North Texas area, he knows all too well about the possibility of Texas having four seasons in one day. His passion for weather started back in elementary school during a science fair project on different cloud types. Two events that peaked Copelon's weather interest was the May 1995 Mayfest hailstorm and the March 28, 2000 powerful F3 tornado that hit downtown Fort Worth. Copelon is a graduate from Mississippi State where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Geoscience degree. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of North Texas.

You can also hear Copelonís forecast weekday mornings on 88.5 FM KEOM where he has been forecasting since 2013.

Catch Copelon on Texas Weather Tracker TV Sundayís starting at 5 pm.
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