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When Joe and Melissa are out chasing you can also view their raw storm chasing feed below. 

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Joe Bajza, Storm Tracker

Joe Bajza is a Storm Tracker with Texas Weather Tracker TV. Joe grew up in Southwest Oklahoma, and graduate high school in 1992. He then joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1996 and serve until 2015. Joe says "during that time I was able help out with State emergencies that included the recovery efforts after the destructive Cordell Oklahoma tornado on 10-9-01."  Joe continues  "As soon as I was old enough to drive, I was chasing clouds. Whenever there was a severe weather event I was racing out to catch it. I witnessed first tornado May 3,1999. I was not chasing that day, nor was paying attention to the weather. I was visiting friends in Southwest Oklahoma City and was nearly struck by the Tornado. From time to time after the OKC event I would go out locally when severe weather would affect my area. In 2010 I became more active and began Going to more placed. I've chased storms as far North as Nebraska, and as Far East as Tennessee. In the past 20 years I have lived in several cities throughout Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, and North Texas. I moved to the DFW area and 2016, and currently live in northern Collin County."
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